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Default Re: Mya QT Questions

I have a QT.

For your first hookah (as it was mine too) it will be fine for now. I ordered mine with a nammor hose. Which I highly suggest ASAP. because the stock one is TERRIBLE when compared. I havnt even tried it to smoke. Because just pulling air threw the two of them, the mya was like a straw, and the nammor was like just opening your mouth and breathing in. So effortless. The bowl is alright. I have since upgraded to an egyptian and a phunnel, but I mostly just use the egyptian. Also, you may have a hard time checking the water level with the black base. I have the light blue and it is pretty easy, but I have heard that the darker colors (black and purple) are hard to see through.

Overall I love the QT, a lot. It smokes amazing for a cheap chinese. It is definitely a quality hookah. The purge is a little rough, but I usually just screw it off when it needs purged, not that big of a deal. But other than that it is nice. Good luck with your new hookah!
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