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Originally Posted by CypherEnigma View Post
I think that a good way to open new people up to the "hobby"(for lack of better term) is to invite new people to smoke with you, even if its people who normally would be taken in by this. I think that inviting a new person to the circle and passing the hose to one more person will do more to foster appreciation that continuing to perpetuate the fads of pop culture that have begun to permeate through the edges of the long culture of narghile. If you can show people how you smoke and how you've come to appreciate this hobby, then a better understanding and respect for the process of smoking is more likely to be fostered than selling janky, gaudy over priced pipes to hipsters and hoping that they will come to appreciate some of the more traditional aspects that many of the members of this forum enjoy.
Best post spreading the word ever!
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