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Originally Posted by Biloshambles View Post
remember, this is America and everything here eventually gets "Americanized". ...I mean c'mon, are those of us who are white Americans really the embodiment of the hookah tradition?! lol I don't think so... traditional...I suppose horse-drawn carriages would be more "traditional" instead of automobiles. ...I better leave early for class
A car is an improvement over a carriage because it does what a carriage is meant to do more effectively. Taking something beautiful and conducive to social interaction, thinking and stimulating the senses and making it into a trashy, over priced gimmick used by stoner idiots is not an improvement. Just because something comes to America doesn't mean it has to turn to something cheesy and fake. I know that America wasn't always that way and I think that we need to stand up to this sort of thing and let it be known that it's not anything we want to associate with.
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