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I'm sure the base was done mostly as a joke. Look at Lil Jon's Crunk Cup and you can see the resemblance to this hookah. Somebody was probably bored and needed something to put on the base of a hookah so they chose the Crunk Cup and transformed it into a crunk base.
I don't know what everybody is getting so riled up about, especially since it's not even something that is being mass produced but rather an individual's work.

Some of the comments in this thread really show that is forum isn't really "the friendliest and most welcoming/accepting hookah forum there is" that most of the members on here claim it is.
Sure, nobody wants to see your hobby turn into something terribly main stream and exploited by mass producing labels, but decorating your vase in whatever fashion YOU want to decorate it in will not only make this hookah more unique than any of your hookahs, but also adds personal value to this hookah because of the time and effort put into this.
Calling the maker of this base an idiot, brain dead, or comparing this hookah to fecal matter is not only unfair since the base was most likely made as a joke, but also shows ignorance and intolerance toward something that's even remotely different from what most of everybody here has.

Seriously guys, has it come this far that everybody jumps on the hating bandwagon and literally hurls incredible insults at somebody who created this vase most likely for shits and giggles?
This and the other thread where people openly stated that they don't like helping new people because those people are too dumb to use the search function really erased the whole "welcoming, accepting, tolerant" image this forum is always trying to pass off.

I wonder what Sambooka has to say about this...
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