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Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
sorry but this wasn't a joke. Tonic had these made for their booths at trade shows. this just gives the media more reason to associate our passion with negativity. lil john isn't the purest person out there to be used as a means of making hookah more popular. I think that's the point here, not that the designer is an idiot. he didn't decide to make these, Tonic did. dumb on their part.

Taqseem has been known to make some alright hookahs, the Stargate line, and their Tonic tobacco is alright, but this is just a cheap, gimmicky way to get retards to buy hookahs.

It's my personal opinion that if a 14 yr old kid will buy it based off of pop culture references, it should be obliterated from the face of the planet, annihilated, stricken from existence like it was never created. I'm tired of the vendors of the hookah community selling out to E!.

And frankly, they aren't even picking out good pop culture icons to reference for Christ's sake (Lil Jon and fucking Ed Hardy??).
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