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Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
i agree wholy with hojo. this wasnt somebody who loved an artist or genre of music (heavy metal hookah anyone?) but this was rather a company association with a deplorable act . many people are well aware of what the word crunk means, and if your not i suggest you look the term up. hookah culture is discriminated heavially because of the fact it uses a water pipe, and alot of people who are ignorent of this fact see it as something its not. its not easy to have it welcomed sometimes because of this. we go above and beyond to set ourselves into a diffrent light from those other people, and something like this promoting the activity of "getting crunk" is a major blow to everything we as a community have strived for.
I'm very well aware of what Crunk means, I don't live under a rock.

Hookah "culture" will always be discriminated against because ignorance will always exist. It's not only because "it uses a water pipe" but also because it's from the Middle East and because people tend to discriminate against something they don't know about and is different from them.

Do you honestly think the people that don't know what a hookah is will look at the Lil Jon hookah and say "Oh, look! That's Lil Jon's Crunk ass on that hookah there! They must be doing something illegal with that!" I doubt somebody that doesn't know what a hookah is know who Lil Jon is.

The hookah "culture" is open to everyone, not just us. If people like the whole mainstream hookah idea, why not? It only means that more people will smoke and therefore more local shops will open up meaning more competition and that leads to cheaper tobacco & prices in general. That's how the market works.

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post

this community has been the most helpful ive been in, and friendliest to boot, dispite we haveing a section for reviews and a wealth of answered info, threads still hit the 20 mark in just a hour or so with answers to question weve answered a hundred times. the vendors on our site are known to mingle with the customers creating bonds. the mods are not power abusive, and rarely have i ever seen a mod have to enforce any rules, while we get a bad apple every now and then, we are for the majority a very friendly place.
I never said that this doesn't happen or that this community isn't friendly but it seems that as soon as something different pops up, everybody automatically hates on it regardless of whether it's offending to somebody who might actually like that product. That's not really the definition of an accepting and welcoming place. And while a lot of people are willing to help out, a lot of people aren't and you obviously didn't read the thread where people called noobs here idiots because they didn't use the search function. Go look it up and you'll see even how Sambooka felt about some of the comments there.

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post

the fact yopu defend this thing tells me either you just jumped the gun because perhaps you dont understand the term, or you dont take hookah as anything more then something to do, i could be wrong, but personally this things exsistence is a defilement of something ive come to love.
"More then something to do"? WHat's that even supposed to mean? Is hookah smokers it's own group now right in there with Jocks, hippies, and nerds? Yeah, I see it as something to do, it's not a lifestyle. I love smoking hookah just as much as anybody here but just because something comes along that's mainstream, etc. I'm not gonna behave like a 4 year old and throw the terms "idiot, braindead, crap, retard, etc." at it.
If you love hookah so much, give somebody else a chance to openly state how much they love this hookah without trampling him under extremely offensive insults. You love your hookah your way, and the people who love their hookah the "crunk" way will do so. Or are you actually suggesting that somebody should be denied the freedom to buy such a hookah?

I don't defend this hookah, it's not for me, I'd rather stick with my own. However, I do defend somebody's freedom to choose their own hookah. If it's not for you, just say so, don't go all ape shit on it. This isn't Kindergarten anymore, everybody can make their own choice.

I didn't hit the roof with all the skull hookahs, etc. saying that these people associate hookah with something dark, demonic or even Satan worshiping. If that's for you, then go ahead, it's just not for me.
I guess you don't have a problem with the skull hookah, etc. though, right?

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post

in closing, if you are offendered by our remarks, or if you still dont understand why so many of us rallied in protest to this "crunk" water pipe, then maybe you should do alot of research into the arguments weve brought up here. try to see where we as a community were coming from. if you still cannot do that then maybe its better to just leave, because if you cant see hy we take this personally, perhaps this really isnt a place for you.
Where exactly are we coming from as a community? To the Arabs that smoked hookah here before us, what we're currently doing is mainstream and they probably think tobaccos like SB, HH, etc. are a disgrace. But does anybody here care about that? Nope, because everybody only cares if it affects them, not somebody else.

Are you honestly suggesting I leave this forum because I want this forum to be a place where somebody with an Ed Hardy hookah or a Lil Jon hookah can come and ask questions without getting insulted?
If most of the people on here felt like you on here, I most likely would leave. Seeing that it's not the case, I'll make my free personal decision to stay as long as I please.
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