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But he has a point; if they like hookahs like this one (or EH, or the skull) and don't start disrespecting the community or its rules, there's no need to go insane with the insults. I have always been able to get great smoke out of my little Chinese hookah... it's starting to degrade and the pull isn't great, but I wouldn't call it not a real hookah or a "retarded piece of crap" or commercialization of a culture or anything because I believe in capitalism. I may not like the prevalence of overpriced, oversweet brands ofmoassel when there are so many more unique, complex flavors available, but I didn't start tearing my hear and gnashing my teeth when I first heard about Cuzzinz. If there's a market, let it sell. No one here is smoking tombak or jurak exclusively, as far as I'm aware...

Something like this happened in my thread about the forthcoming HoboNargile. I'm still super-psyched about its imminent shipment, but boy did I have to defend liking something new.

Side note: while I don't like the EH brand or designs, the real problem that I had was with the claims that it was somehow innovative when all they did was source current tobacco/shisha/coal manufacturers and stamp a brand on. That would be a legitimate criticism; "I hope whoever designed that has a thousand coconaras dumped in their eyes" or something is just negativity.
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