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Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
the point of my post wasnt saying mainstream was the problem, i didnt say anything agenst that. i dont care if toyota releases a hookah, my whole problem was that it was promoting the use of the hookah in the sence most people are ignorent to already accuse it of. if it just said lil john on it, while i still woudlnt like it, it wouldnt be so much the problem, its that it says "crunk"

as far as discrimination because it comes from somewhere far away, the only arguments i ever get is that it looks like its used for something else, hardly anyone i have to explain it to even realised it was arab, let alone from any other part of the world (with the exception of china, which a few people associated it with on first sight)

your right i didnt read the thread where everyone called the guy a noob, or idoit. so im not on here 24/7 sue me. i know that this community in the past has gotten harsh with individuals. the only time i was aware of this it was because he said something in a way that inadvertenly insulted this website, amends were made by the end of the post and apologies were given. but were not perfect and i know people tend to get hot headed.

as for where do we stand as a community? yes this has exsited longer then we have as a nation. and we may be "mainstreaming" it. my argument was never about that. where we stand in a community is just that, a community. were a group of people who have similure intrests in this, and stand by each otehrs to offer helping hands, when we as a community see something that angers us we speak out. you want to make hookahs fine, want to put artist on them, sure. but this particuler community does not endurse the use of a hookah in a illegal manner, just like otehr communities might. when we see this hookah, which is something this community strives to have people understand, and it has terms written on it that go head on colliding with our belifes, we speak out. when i say community i dont speak for the whole hookah speaking world, because we are not the only way, and to others we may be jsut as guilty destroying the hookah as the creators of this hookah. i ment community in the sense of this website, and the relationships and people on it.

lastly you state if there were more people liek me here, look, i never said anything twords you in bitter hate or even to target you on a personal level. but there are obviously alot of people with a similure outlook on this as me, and some of them have already posted behind me. i dont speak for anyone but me, but i do voice my opinion, the only thing i ment, is you attacked us for something, our opinion, telling us we were to harsh or maybe even wrong. but in the end its our opinion.

again, i dont care if you have an ed hardy hookah or a lil john hookah, while i dont personalyl liek them, or some of the things they might associate with, i dont hate them, and i give credit to anyone who has acomplished what they have, it was always that 5 letter word that annoyed me with this hookah.
Crunk stands for crazy drunk, it has nothing to do with any criminal/illegal activity whatsoever.
Crunk is also a music style and it was a dance/ceremonial act that was used by the slaves back in the day, that's where the moderon crunk music comes from.
You're linking something that has to do with drinking, dancing and partying to something illegal. As far as I'm concerned, nothing of the above is illegal or has anything to do with what you're trying to make it sound like.

And I never said that this community is bad or anything and I surely won't sue you for not being on here 24/7.

McGatty has a point, if you come here with a cheap mainstream hookah & you're looking for help, you should get exactly that and not a thread that calls you an idiot, retard or calls your hookah worse than crap.

If you have an opinion on this hookah, that's fine. If people on here don't like it, say it normally like everybody else did, don't call this idiotic, retarted, etc. (not addressing you in particular).

I made no kind of attack towards anybody here, I'm simply speaking out against some of the intolerance and extremely childish behaviour that has manifested itself in this thread.

However your statement that if I liked hookah stuff like this then maybe this website isn't for me was on an extremely personal level, but no hard feelings. If that's how you feel, then that's cool. I was simply saying that people are overreacting and stating their opinion in a way that could be completely, utterly offensive to somebody here.
Like I said, no hard feelings. I'd still with you or trade with you. You got your opinion, I got mine.
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