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Default Re: Mya or no deal?

Originally Posted by Lakemonster
20 bucks for that hookah is screamin. even sans downstem.

Avoid Genuine Hookahs like the bullheaded clap.
Heheh...true that lake...

And thanks for the tips, hookahlife. If I can't get a hold of a real replacement, I have one rigged up out of a stainless tube that seems to be working great for the moment ^_^.
But I'm fairly sure it's authentic. I'll post some pics...its exactly the same. very glad about that.
One note i left out for brevity's sake was that theyre closing and moving the shop up to Miami this week...he was hookin me up a bit more than he had license to, but he's not moving up there so he figured whatever i guess lol. Appreciate the info tho.
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