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Narghiles is something I take seriously in that I love the craftsmanship that goes into a good rig or the tobacco I smoke and the culture behind it is something that I care about and respect. The ritual and the stimulation that the hobby gives my senses makes life better so I care about how the things I love and enjoy are portrayed. Some say it's narrow minded to not accept any and all attempts made to change my favorite pass time into some corporate gimmick designed to sell music and fashion accessories I hate. I say when you change something too much it no longer has any connection with anything real and to accept such change isn't open minded but merely destructive.

Crunk is frequently used in conjunction with illegal substances and the corporate tools that have popularized the term are well known to consume illegal substances as are a large segment of the fans of those performers. As to getting crazy drunk, well again intoxication is not what narghiles are about and associating the two is a very negative development for those of us not enamored with ghetto thuggery. Likewise the pimp line of garbage made by Mya associates the sexual exploitation of women with my favorite pass time and that is something I will not accept. The term crunk is new and has nothing at all to do with slave dances and Negro slaves in the Americas had nothing to do with narghiles and are totally irrelevant to the topic at hand.

Honestly, if expanding the appeal of the hobby means having stupid wiggers babble about crunk while smoking stuff I can't even write about and glorifying venal, stupid thug culture then i'd rather what I smoke remain obscure. Those that don't have a problem with ghettoizing narghiles deserve contempt because they degrade something great into just another reflection of the anti-culture.

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