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Default Re: New guy with questions...

Wow, you guys have a lot of info. I do have another question....what is the deal with the height of the hookah stem and hookahs overall? I see hookahs from 8 inches up to 48 important is the height....obviously an 8 inch hookah is probably garbage...shed some light on this please.

As far as the smoke I friend has a cheap little chinese hookah that we used to smoke some Al Amir raspberry on, which I liked. He let me hold his hookah for a little while until I find one of my own and I went to hookahhookah and bought some of the EVOLUTION Tea shisha...for herbal its pretty decent.

Another problem is my girlfriend (who knows even less about a hookah) wants to buy me a hookah for valentine's day...and she wants to buy one from cafe sheesha in Tallahassee, fl. I am pretty sure their hookahs aren't name I am trying to show her some hookajohn and hookhookah merchandise, haha.

Thanks again is really nice to be able to get helpful opposed to bad mouthing the newb like other sites do.
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