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Originally Posted by MC_Gatty View Post
Are you guys talking about those thick silvery ones with the gold band around the side?
No, the trays with the decorative bands on them are just regular trays with a brass trim tacked & soldered around them. There is a chiller version (the first ones that came out) and a regular one (based on the small steel KM tray).

Just to clarify, the regular steel KM trays come in two sizes that I've seen, small (~7-3/8" diameter) and large (~8" diameter). Hand tapped brass trays are the same size as the small regulars and the steel hand tapped brass trays came in both sizes. Chiller trays are ~9-3/8" in diameter while the banded ones are slightly smaller at ~9-1/8" because the outer lip is folded down to put the trim on.
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