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Default Re: Fedex

SS has other options besides fedex, it's just usually the fastest / cheapest. Now you're finding out why fed ex is cheaper. (Because they have crap employees!)

My fed ex guy is a dirt bag. I've had my SS packages show up, all crumpled up, looking like they have been tossed around. (I know the guy has thrown them onto the porch, I'v seen the skid marks the box has left on the wooden porch and once I HEARD it as it slid across the porch into my door!) That and they don't like to wrap the packages in plastic unless it's raining. Dude, it's florida... IT'S PROBABLY GOING TO FREAKING RAIN at some point during the day. It's not that hard to put the box in the obligatory plastic bag! Charge me .20 more and give me my peace of mind!

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