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Default Narghiles In Botswana

Just in case anyone was wondering if this passion that many of hold is global the mater has been settled since I discovered that moassel is smoked even in Botswana.

Basically I'm here for a bit trying to hawk a continuous bakery and warehouse complex and while I have a lot of anxiety about being this part of the world again as well as bouts of depression and angst things have been, realistically speaking, pretty good.

I love hearing people speak Tswana, drinking bush tea and seeing the amazingly clear clear sky. I also found by accident a little shop in the capital (gabarone) a tobacco shop owned by Seikh family that has a few crappy Chinese rigs and surprisingly, some decent tobacco and coals. I picked up some dark, Iranian style tombac from Jordan, a big can of Abu Itrah jurak and Petra honey flavoured moassel which I am excited about trying although I think someone said that Petra is just Al Waha repackaged. He also has a fair amount of Afzal and and Al Waha and bidis which is far more then I ever expected to find here.

The owner of the shop is a brother of the one of the investor types I've been meeting with on business and I find it interesting that Seikhs are so prominent in the business community here. Anyway, the shop owner and I got to talking and he invited me to dinner which was great since I got to have homemade Indian food and beer and we got to talk about classical Indian music and huqqa which is always a pleasure. After the meal we all got to sit out on his balcony smoking Ahmad Jurak's excellent Kaas jurak and listen to everything Ali Akbar Khan & Subramaniam to King Crimson, Gallery of Mites and Toe Fat.

Honestly I find it amazing that something as simple as a water pipe can have such an appeal and provide so many people with so much pleasure and so many chances to socialize all over the globe. That such a thing is possible is very amazing in my opinion.
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