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Default Re: Narghiles In Botswana

Funny thing about King Crimson, I was driving around to day in Francistown trolling for business annoying the hell out of my bodyguards listening to King Crimson and Gentle Giant. My rather uptight chaperons it seems only listen to lame heavy metal stuff from the U.S./U.K. and think that choice of music is too arty and posh.

Anyhow, in Francistown ( a decent sized city of at least 100,000 and a former mining center) I went to meet with an engineer that I am consulting with and it turns out he's a customer of the same Seikh family I mentioned earlier and he's a bit a huqqa noob but a nice enough guy. Turns out he wasn't happy with the Chinese rig he bought and decided to build his own and took route that I hadn't thought of. He had an old Panther single cylinder motor cycle engine with a cracked head and dumped out the innards and turned it into huqqa. He used a bit of brass pipe that he attached a bit of carved amber to which served the same function as a hose. The pipe threaded into one of vale openings and it looked quite stunning. Not too traditional but damn creative although I imagine cleaning it would be a real chore.

As we checked it out we shared a beer, talked about business stuff, listened to Orange Sunshine, which is a pretty bad ass thing to do while talking shop, and smoked jurak. All in all i'd say it was a successful although the boss likely won't agree.
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