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Cool First time poster...just bought first KM

Hey everyone! I'm a first time poster, long time forum troller. I'm from Atlanta, GA. I've been smoking out of a decent Inhale 2 hose for about a half year now, and have decided to finally move on up. I've always loved hookahs. I built my first one out of a 10 inch jar, copper piping, and some vinyl hose. haha

Anyways, I finally decided to purchase a KM after days and days of researching. I bought a 30" KM Amer ("Americana"?) from **********, along with a vortex bowl to accompany it. I guess what I'm getting at is, I haven't been able to find a review on the 30" Amer that I bought. Does anyone have any experience with it that can tell me if it was a wise purchase or not? Especially if you have tried it with the vortex. I've always used egyptian bowls...I didn't even know different designs existed until a few days ago.

Any input would be awesome!

here's a link to the specific piece I bought: http://www.**********.com/KM-30-INCH...ARBISH-142.htm
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