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Exclamation Need of information assistence. urgent please.

hello my name's tomas.
i seen many people in the forum bought their shisha and hookah mechendise from alot of different providers such as include,
now.. i am from israel, and we dont have that much of a veriaty of stuff to choose from hookahs to shisha and accessories \. what i wanted to know is: if i am buying from hookah-shisha lets say 1 50 gram shisha flavour, how can i be sure it will be shipping to me and arrive for sure? that it is not a fraud or anything. cause i've seen many members of hookah pro buying from there, i've seen many rave reviews and they seem pretty good. the problem is i dont own my own bank account so as you can tell money comes from my family who's pretty aginst all of this? what i ask is can you guys give me a sure answer its safe,good and high quality to purchese from? also if you can provide me with a few tips on how the buy system works? i mean if i send money and await the shipment to arrive and all. and is there any kind of difficulty due to the fact im from israel? any tobacco prohibidence or something? please due comment as soon as you can.

Thanks alot in advance Tomas Bloodfang.
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