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Default Re: Need of information assistence. urgent please.

I believe they accept Money order. You can go to your local bank and get a money order written out in US dollars, if you're afraid of them taking your money.

Bottom line is, they are a reputable business. They aren't going to screw you over for 100 bucks, because their business is more lucrative and means more to them than for them to scam you and your 100 bucks, it simply wouldn't be logical for them. They'd make more money by being a good vendor to you. You know what I mean?

The only tidbit of advice I can give you is this. If you are sending money order or cashier's check, make it a certified mail and get a return receipt. This is so you know they GOT your check and so you can locate your envelope as it is sent there.

You'll be fine.
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