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Default Re: Nahkla

nahkla is one of my favs. But as many have already stated, it can be touchy w/regards to heat. It's a traditional shisha, meaning it's mollasses/honey based. No glycerin!This makes it much more heat sensitive. If you've ever wondered what shisha was like hudreds of years ago, this as close as it gets. In fact, from what I've read, their recipe hasn't really changed in almost 80 yrs.
Nahkla also has 3 other brands that they produce. El besha, fahkfahina, and sheherazade. They're known for having some of the most realistic flavors around, and once you wrap your head around how to smoke it, you should enjoy! It is also an unwashed shisha, therefore, as Sam stated, the buzz can knock you back a bit!
good luck!
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