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Originally Posted by PeckerWood View Post
I got 2 100g of Desi Murli shisha from texashookah I have never seen or had this stuff yet. My question is the package has Desi Murli sticker on it that states it was packed fresh Nov 2008 seems kinda old to me do you guys think its still fresh. It kinda smells like pipe tobacco.
Check out the threads that have been mentioned that I wrote about how to set DM up. Basically I recommend a light to amber molasses & glycerin (1/4 teaspoon or 5ml of each) and I advise against syrup, corn syrup, honey etc. You don't really need glycerin but I prefer the additional smoke it creates even though that is not traditional thing to add. Like my friend Zen Silk said you should stir it with your fingers and wet them before mixing. The rest of the set up info is in the threads mentioned earlier.
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