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Default Re: Narghiles In Botswana

Early today I got to meet an old fashioned Lutheran circuit riding pastor that I guess must be about my age. Tough, well built old geezer that came to Gabarone (i'm back there for the day/night) for a religious conference/convention and met him by chance while eating breakfast. Since I grew up Lutheran (a hard thing to do in the old USSR) and my father was a keen fan of all things theological who, like the pastor smoked a clay Church Warden's pipe so I talked with him and found him to be an old school, orthodox type clergyman totally out of place in a permissive world of cultural Bolshevism so naturally we got on well.

Anyway, the pastor noticed my can of Abu Itrah in my briefcase and ask about it. He got interested in narghile stuff so I took him up to my hotel room and showed him how it works and we sat a bit having a nice chat, smoking, listening to Dave Brubeck and Keith Jarrett and talking about the old days. All in a great respite from an other wise stressful day which gave the world a new narghile fan.
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