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Default Just about to invest

Hello to all

I'm new to all this, and I'm just about to invest in my first Hookah, but as you would probably expect from a noob like me, I don't really have much idea as to what to go for.

I've been browsing around online, and I hear that KM is a good and reputable brand to go for, and have been tempted to get on of these

I'm after a tall one, because i just think it'll look better, and it has to be somewhere that delivers to the UK (quickly if possible. i would like it before the weekend) I have a budget of up to 60, but would rather like to spend less than that.

Has anybody heard of these? and would they be rubbish? I was only really considering these ones as they look cooler and comes with more stuff.

Any other suggestions you may have are more than welcome

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