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Originally Posted by jbrandona119
Originally Posted by Chap Slap
a heba diffuser from best 10$ ive ever spent. incredible increase in smoke level
really? maybe i'm putting mine on incorrectly....but i haven't noticed a huge difference.
Yeah, I'm sorry, but I have to raise the BS flag on that one. The Heba Diffuser was the most pointless purchase for my hookahs I've ever made. To me it was a complete waste of money, as there was no noticeable difference in flavor. Thickness is completely out of the question as it wouldn't make the smoke thicker (how is that even plausible).

All it truly does is split up the big bubbles form the wide downstem, into smaller ones for quiter operation and a "filtered smoke". I wrote a detailed review on it in the review section in case anyone's interested. If you feel like donating $10, then by all means go ahead. But be forewarned, it's a waste of money for all the marketing hype it recieves...
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