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Default Re: What Hookah to buy?

If I was you, I'd look into getting a Mya near your purchase limit. I've found Mya's to be perfect in design and smoke like a dream. Just to let you know, the Egyptians that have been mentioned are hand made. Which leaves room for visible flaws and error. A Mya is machine made so in reality it's a perfect design with no visible flaws or errors. A Mya priced at or near $100 wuld be a high quality piece.

Don't purchase one of their cheapest offerings, as these are of a different quality and not as good as their more expensive models. If you don't mind taking a chance with the hand made hookahs, then by all means, get a KM or MZ or J and R Syrian or just an average Traditional Egyptian. With Mya's, it kind of takes the guess work out of it because what you see is exactly what you get. Most of the time, with hand made hookahs, the picture on the site looks jaw dropping beautiful, but what you end up recieving is an entirely different thing.

This is why I like Mya's so much more. When you look at a pic of a Mya, you can expect your choice to look just like the one pictured because that is what you'll get. Egyptians and Syrians are still great smoking rigs. I'm not saying their crappy or that they smoke bad. There are several Egyptian and Syrian models that will smoke extremely good (comparable to a Mya) and look beautiful in the process.

I'm just giving you a heads up, you problaby won't get what you see in the picture. This has been my experience in purchasing high quality Egyptians and Syrians alike. My Mya was a completely different story though. It was exactly what was pictured and had no visible mistakes or flaws. It's also been the best hookah I've come across in my experience of smoking hookah.

But like I said before, Egyptians and Syrians are still great hookahs to have. It's more of a preference thing if you ask me. Some people like the authentic hand made look. Other's like myself, prefer the machine made perfected design. As long as you stick to high quality name brands that have been mentioned, you can't go wrong with whichever you end up choosing. Be it a quality Egyptian, Syrian, or Mya. Go to for pricing on many high quality Mya's and Egyptians. Also check out for some high quality Syrians.

If you want a Syrian, you'll have to get in contact with Jimmy here on the forum because he doesn't update the site due to him selling out of his Syirans so quickly. His username is Hookah ETC. I just recieved my custom set up Syrian from him not too long ago and it's a beauty. Go to the link below if you're interested in pics...
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