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Default Re: Interesting Musing on AF Grape

oct 2007, smells good but then again i never really sniffed ketchup or smoked this flavor before without burning it horribly when learning how to smoke.

went to grocery store nearby and saw they had grape in 250's and the new packaging so decided why not. af costs only 7.50 per 250g so i was happy about it. opened the package then the foil top covering. noticed the package was wet so i thought eh maybe during packaging so i clean it off. put it down and notice another thing of the juice so i clean it and look for holes. turns out the entire bottom of the package was not sealed on the re-sealable package AF gives. go re-seal it and it works great. it smells good. leak wasnt horrible so its still fairly wet. if it smokes well maybe i can sell it on here, cheaper than elsewhere and pay the shipping, maybe...
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