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Default Can someone help me troubleshoot my hookah?

I'm not really sure what the problem with it is. I'm doing everything while setting it up that allowed me to get nice big smoke clouds before, but now it produces nothing. My coals don't stay hot it seems, and while I figured it was just the brand of coals that I was using, I tried switching brands and I still have the same problem.

I've tried using a couple different methods for coals. One coal results in almost no smoke; two coals gets a little smoke, but still not too much, and it's so harsh and tastes so bad it's not even worth it.

The other thing that seems to be happening is, at first when I take a drag from it, it's completely plugged. If I drag on it hard enough a couple times, it becomes "unplugged", but then a lot of ash or dust comes through. I tried getting a new hose for it, which kind of helped for the plugging up problem, but I still get a ton of ash at first.

Does all of this point to any one problem?
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