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Default Re: Can someone help me troubleshoot my hookah?

Sounds a lot like packing the bowl way too tight/not enough airholes.

Try cleaning out your bowl thoroughly. Then, dry it obviously. Once clean and dry, sprinkle the shisha into the bowl. Pack down just very lightly to get it under the rim. Put foil on it. Poke a lot of small holes into the foil. Then, turn the bowl over and while holding the foil down blow into the bottom. Make sure you're getting some air circulation through the shisha.

Also, before putting the bowl on the shisha, plug your hose into your ready to go Hookah and take a pull. If the air comes through easily, water bubbles, etc, stick the bowl on, add 2 coals on the rim of the bowl, let it warm up, and have at it.

If all of this fails...ship it to someone =)
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