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Default Re: Just about to invest

Yeah, you'll be arlight with that.

I'm just saying, you'll need extra bowls as flavours start to sink into your bowls and you can't ever get them out 100%, you can only replace them with other strong flavors. So if you tend to smoked something stron like Nakhla Sweet Melon or Starbuzz Melon Dew, you're gonna want another bowl for tobaccos that don't have an extremely strong taste. Hookah Hookah, for example.

Funnel and the Vortex are just little extras. It's easier to smoke out of them and less messy if you smoke very juicy tobacco. They're not a must though. However I thought that I didn't need one at fist since I won't be smoking extremely juicy tobacco, but I just ordered one last week and it works well for Starbuzz and other regular tobaccos as well.
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