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Default Re: Just about to invest

i dont think you could go wrong with any of thoes hookahs. The Km is proably the sure fire bet since most of us have experiance with them. But as for additional stuff you may want to invest in i would go for your cleaning brushes if the hookah dosent already come with them. A good washable hose. then i would read the reviews on coal and shisha and go from there with your choices. maby subscribe on youtube and watch the member reviews and pick what shishas that sound the best to you. I would say go with the most common and most flavorfull and washed brands like starbuzz and AF. Ive recived some fresh batches of AF yesterday and it really seems thay have fixed there throat tickel problem so i think you can safely venture back into AF unless there sitting on old stock. Just my thoughts. ans as long as for the bowl you cant go wrong with the funnel but your egyptains will work fine also just will take a bit more to master the way to pack it. this is my 2 cents hope this helps. good luck in making your first purchase.
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