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Default Re: Experimenting w/ Different Liquids In Your Base

if you either water down something like soda or you make sure you clean it out right after you shouldnt have a problem... it wouldnt start corroding after an hour or two and if you throughly clean it right after.

ive tried using store bought chocolate milk, that was a disaster. it bubbled so much that it came through the hose and we would get some milk on a pull. not pretty, we stopped after 3 minutes of that.
ive also used rockstar.... guava. that was pretty good too, gave everything a nice guavay taste and you could still clearly taste the shisha.
and then we used berry gatorade. that was hands down THE BEST thing ive ever used in the base besides water. made the smoke thicker and smoother, it actually made taking a pull relatively easy. and it was just plain tasty lol.
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