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Default Its been a LOOONG time since I've been on this forum and have many stories!

Well to say the least I've still been smoking hookah. For the last couple months though I've been off and on. I actually tried the Ecig. If you guys don't know about it then look it up. Its like a mini electronic hookah. lol Well if you get the right ecig that is. So a lot of my time has been spent in that new world but I'm back now. Although changes have been made...

I now have 3 loves in my life... Hookah, Snus, and the E-cig. Hookah is great for when I'm drinking or at home with the gf watching a movie. E-cig is great when I'm waiting for food or drinking a coke at the movies and ECT. And snus is great for when I'm on the road, in meetings, on the move, ect.

The one side note I'd like to add is that if you substitute the ecig for your hookah without weening yourself off then you will encounter mild withdrawals. Mainly those withdrawals will be irritability and anxiety.

Its good to use each one of these methods in moderation and so on.

While continuing my hookah love I for the first time tried nakhla. I got about 10 250g boxes from that arab supermarket down in laurel MD. Great place, nice help, good prices, no complaints.

Now my experience with nakhla is a different story... First off as being a tangiers fanboy myself I know what tobacco is my preference and the keys that made it that way.

Nakhla first off is full of stems. Tangiers may need to be aired out for a couple hours upon opening it up but with as many stems I've found in these boxes it'll prolly take you about the same time to pick out all the stems as it will to air out the tangiers.

Second is the wetness. Now I'm not looking for tobacco drenched in glycerin but I'm not looking for dry tobacco either. The regular line of nakhla is a good distance beyond dry. The mizo line is a little moister but compared to tangiers it is still rather dry.

Flavor surprisingly enough is not bad. I expected worse before buying it but expected better upon initial scent of the tobacco and what I got was somewhere in the middle. Its not strong, nor is it mild. The flavors are pretty right on and the taste good. No complaints when it comes to flavor.

Lastly duration. Now as a guy that loves his tangiers we know the duration we like or can achieve with good tobacco. An this is NOT something we can expect out of nakhla. A good 45min and thats it. The flavor lasts for most part till the tobacco finally dries up. It becomes difficult to smoke beyond that timeframe. I usually like to be able to load a bowl and smoke from start to finish during a movie and cannot do so with nakhla.

A note I'd like to add is that the "buzz" or nic hit that you get with nakhla is there but noticeably weaker then that of tangiers.

The final verdict is that nakhla is good tobacco for the price. I paid $6 bucks a box in a store so no shipping was involved. So for the price it was worth it. But if you have the money to chump up twice the cost for tangiers than do it, because you get what you pay for. (the guy mush be smoking out of an non KM hookah because it looks as though hes really struggling to get a good hit, he draws so hard that he makes the hose shake, definitely not a KM.) lol
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