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Default Washing non washable hookah hoses

My friend gave me his old hookah recently and i've cleaned it a number of times. I've used it maybe 4 times so far. But after every time i've cleaned it thoroughly, base, stem, and hoses. But after reading "proper" ways to clean hookah equipment, it made me worry. I've ran water through my hookah hose numbers of times. I've even let it sit under water just to make sure it gets all the crap out. What im worried is, it says all over to not clean it with water. I stopped cleaning it that way but im just worried is it already too late?

Ive submerged it under water about 3 times already. And now im worried i might have destroyed my hose. All the times i smoked out of it i couldn't taste a difference but i just want to be safe.

It's a standard hose, nothing fancy. One of these.

I would appreciate anyones input on the subject. Thank you
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