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Default Re: Getting annoying

here's what I do and I dont normally get sick-

I munch through out smoking hookah - i'm a munchy type of chick always have to eat something, so usually i eat most of my meal before i smoke, then i relax and munch on chips (pretzels are excellente*)

I always have a drink with me. and drink throughout the session (either coke or the DREADED WATER lol haah) nm....

I relax, i dont do areobics or gymnatics or run marathons. I sit on my butt and veg-

have you switched coals recently? Switched to a new cleaning product? un filter water? have you changed anything? I remember i got sick everyday for like 3 weeks when i switched coals... i had to pop 3 excedrine in order to even smoke!!!!

Maybe you could pop 2 pepto or tums tablets? and before you smoke, and see if that cures it?

good luck love, let me know how it goes....
ssorry if my jokes dont make sense.. (or at least for those who dont know me...) as i have been up know for well over 24 hours...... and am now running on that hyper energy right before the crash......

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