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My vote is go natural coals. Now I've had almost all the coals out there and my personal favorite is Natural(non quicklight) Belgian coals. A box is pretty cheap and will last you 2-3 months easy with as little as you smoke and you can pick it up on plenty of sites. Heres the actual coals websites with a list of vendors it sells to.
Get the 40mm Naturals. I havent tried the quick lights yet but if they are anything as good as the regulars then they should be amazing. Depending on which vendor you buy from they could be as cheap as $18-22 bucks for a box. A box has 10 rolls of 10 coals so you get 100 coals. Each one will last an hour and a half.

For tobacco I recommend starbuzz for noobs. Its easy to smoke and has great flavor. You get what you pay for. Although if you want to try your luck and see if you can smoke my personal favorite and the strongest shisha that I believe IMO then get Tangiers. It will be extremely strong. I recommend mixing it at 1/5th the bowl tangiers and 4/5th be starbuzz. Then slowly go up from there till your smoking straight tangiers. Best of luck!
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