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Default What the...

So I had packages show up today, one I knew about and one I didnt. The one I knew about was a Hot Pink Caravan Hose for my wife. See pictures below, didnt feel like doing it solo.

Now the package I didn't know about. I had a friend leave work for another state. Before she left we got to talking about hookahs and how her daughter smokes hookah. She said if she ever gets to go to Egypt, or the middle east, she will bring me back a hookah! Well today I get a package and in it is a KM hookah. She said she walked into a middle eastern store and saw this hookah. It was on sale because it was a mismatch hookah. I guess just something thrown together that has been in the shop awhile. She said she got it for $40 out the door. Looks like a single pear to me, but I am not a KM expert, anybody care to chime in on what it is?
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