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Thanks for the help. I thought the carnival stems were red, blue, orange, and yellow mixed together, may just be the ones I have seen. I don't care though, it is awesome! I don't have to return the favor, I already did that at the going away party we threw.

KillerB that was the first thing I looked at. It looks almost identical to my Silk Butterfly, only difference I see is it is a tad smaller.

Actually Dee, while the new hookah is a nice gesture, it is something I could have picked up myself. Not for that price though. What you are sending me is probably something I would have passed on for awhile or maybe never have tried it at all. So to be honest, I am more excited to be getting your package. Saving this new hookah though for the sample I am getting from you.New hookah for a new smoke, sounds good to me.
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