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Default Re: Is there any difference in types of Shisha

there are poeple that can go on all day over the diffrent brands of shisha. my main advice is to visit the review section and look up reviews for each brand on flavors your intrested in, its by far the most helpful thing to do.

the main diffrence in the shisha is nic content,cut of the tobacco, then taste fall sin there (though thats more of a personal thing)

you have brands like JM and StarBuzz, washed out alot so low nic content (less buzz factor) sweeter shishas with more varied flavors (lots on non traditional like cookies and cream) and a very fine cut, really wet.

you have the Al family (al washa, al falkar, al ect.) i group them together because personaly i fidn them all fairly equal with the exception of cut, some have mor stems and larger leaves. buzz is minimum, fairly moist easy to smoke.

nak is a popular one, and one of the biggest following of loyal fans out there. large cut, lots of stems, they have diffrent lines some being more moist then others. a pretty decent nic ratting, will probly buzz you if you dont smoke it all the time

tang is regaurded as the big boy shisha (my impression) they have three lines, i explain them cause its all diffrent. lucid, Noir, F-Line (though discontinued still canbe gotten in the far reaches of the world)
Lucid is washed, and more easy to smoke, more on the lines of nak.
Noir is a yellow flag, high nic rate and can bring down even some hardcore smokers if not treated right, requires special packing.
F-Line if you can find it is the tip of the ice berg, ive only had one flavor and can tell you it packs a bigger wallop then noir, dont even look for this if you need to read this to find out about it.
with the exception of lucid tang requires accimilation (letting the shisha air out in the enviorment your going to smoke it) its recommend you take about a day to do that. all of the tang lines are fairly moist, med cut and i get relitivly few stems.

Golden Lylana, spells wrong like most of my words, ive only had one flavor (bahama breeze) and i will say that they take moist to a new level. id say i could have put a forest fire out with the amount of liquid that came with this stuff. fair cut no stems, flavor was weak until i accimilated.

thats about the jist of what i know. ive smoked some other stuff but not enough of it to say anything, and im sure i forgot tons of info but thats the basic break down. i listed it from weakest to strongest IMO (not counting the last one, that was an after though and id place it next to SB)
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