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Default Re: Is there any difference in types of Shisha

Originally Posted by xin666 View Post
I pretty sure Photolinger made that guide to hookahs, I can't recall where it's posted, however.
It's posted in my first reply lol. If you are ever looking for it it's a sticky at the top of the general hookah forum marked as "Newbie guide: What should I get?".

A note regarding the subject of this thread:


Ahem. Shisha is not the word for the tobacco we smoke. It has become the term most commonly used in the USA to refer to "shisha tobacco", as in tobacco for the shisha, but it's a misnomer. It's like pipe tobacco. We do not refer to it as pipe. Not actually a big deal in any way but it's the source of a lot of confusion. Hopefully this will help this question get answered.

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