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Default Re: Looking for shops that sell hookahs

Yo, how's it going.

Buying hookahs and whatnot in MB can be a bit of a crapshoot, depending on whether you're into it for the Trendiness, or in it for the tobacco.

In all honesty, if you want to buy a brand new hookah, buy it online. Every place I've seen around here is overpriced. You'll have much better luck shopping around in the Vendors section of this site than trying to get one local.

As for the actual shisha? There's a Lebanese grocery store, called Habibi's, across from Freestyle Park. They sell 250 gram bricks for 5-7 dollars. You can get a LOT of smoking out of that. If that's not enough directions, they ARE in the phonebook. There are a couple of other places that sell the tobacco/hookahs, ( Earthbound Trading, in the mall, or Purple Haze on Seaboard Street. ) but you get the best bang for your buck, locally, from the Lebanese market.

EDIT: There USED to be a hookah lounge on Highway 17. It got bought out, and now it's called Tunnel Ultralounge. Not sure if they offer hookahs anymore, but I suppose you could give them a call.

Also, just as an aside: If you plan on smoking natural charcoals, and don't have a coil-type rangetop in your house, Walgreen's stores around here sell one exceedingly cheap. Me and my boyfriend picked up one for less than five bucks, when it was on sale. Trying to light natty coals with a lighter will just end you up with an empty lighter. :3

Hope this helps ya.

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