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Default Re: How Hookahs, Medwaks, and Tobacco Forever Changed the Middle East!

Good article! I was very surprised to hear that tobacco was more expensive then coffee for much of Ottoman history. I always assumed that tobacco got translated to Turkey pretty quickly after the Spaniards started colonizing the new world and it would seem that coffee had to be imported from equally far away places as tobacco but I clearly am missing something.

As to medwaks I suppose it makes sense that sailors were the original market, since like you pointed out, they couldn't be expected to haul around a narghile. Still, I wonder why they didn't end up with cigars or cigarettes like the Europeans did?

As to modern stuff I wonder what are the big makers of dokha and is it basically something just found on the Arabian peninsula and Persia or is everywhere in the Middle East? I assume that dokha is more popular then narghiles and that cigarettes are more popular still but I suppose I don't know for sure. Is dokha more popular with youth or older people? Is it a rural or mostly urban thing? I guess I am just in the dark.
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