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Default Harshness problem! help!

Hey guys, so i wouldnt call myself a noobie but im having some problems with harshness these past few days that i never had before. I recently got my new km amer and tangiers small funnel with some CH ql's and i smoked a bowl of SB pumpkin pie in the new funnel with 3 ql's on the whole time no windcover and it worked beautifully. Well today i tried a large egyptian with SB and used 3 CH ql's to get it going then dropped to 2 because after 5 minutes it was incredibally harsh i took off the coals and bowl blew it out let it sit put 2 on the very edge and it was harsh with practically no smoke so that bowl ended after 15 min tops. i then loaded up a small egyptian with 2 CH ql's on the very edge and it got harsh within 10 minutes and i know its not my packing the shisha wasnt touching the foil it was nice and tight and a fluffy sb pack i removed the coals as soon as i caught it and it never got un harhs so that bowl ended. Later tonight i decided to try the funnel again because it worked great last time so i loaded it up with SB winterfresh and 3 CH ql's and it was great for 20 min no harshness perfect smoke and flavor then within a minute it got super harsh i took off the coals and the bowl blew it out let it sit 5 minutes and took out the burnt shisha. Threw it back on with 2 coals and a windcover and it never got going and still was harsh after 10 min with practically no smoke. So im asking HP for some help!! what am i doing wrong? im new to CH coals first batch so is it im just not used to the heat they give off? i;ve used other ql's before mainly naturals though and never had a problem if anything the heat wasnt enough so im just not sure what im doing wrong any input would help! should i drop it to 2 coals after it gets going? (5 minutes or so)

Thanks guys!
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