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Default Re: Harshness problem! help!

From what you are saying i think i have a couple suggestions, the first being that when i use a small funnel bowl i use 2 CH quick lights broken into 4 halves helps with distribution. Use the windocover to warm it up in the beginning and see if that helps. Next would be since you are new to CH QL you MUST let them ash over (turn grey) before you start to use them, loading them to soon can ruin a bowl. My 3rd suggestion is that it seems like you love SB, what it sounds like to me is that you may not be giving the shisha the proper mix before packing your bowl, if you SB isn't extremely moist the smoke and taste you desire will be immediately lacking, it also dries out and burns very quickly. Otherwise make sure sure your foil isn't slumping over the spire and you should be good to go. good luck
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