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Default Re: Interesting Musing on AF Grape

Originally Posted by The Messiah
Originally Posted by sammniamii
I'm beginning to wonder if it's not the production runs themselves, rather the storage/shipping method. Summer in the USA this last year was HHHOOOOTTTTTTT and makes me wonder if the increase in temps may have had a factor in all these bad batches.

But so far people have had bad batches from:

July 2007
Aug 2007
Sept 2007
Oct 2007

But not every "X" month was bad, I have had 2 Aug batches that were fine. My Sept batch smelt funny, but now is fine. Hummm....

Has NO ONE gotten anything later than Oct 2007? Any Nov or Dec's?
My batch was from Nov. 2007.
Was it a bad batch?
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