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Default Re: tyed in knots about hoses

Originally Posted by CypherEnigma View Post
For a second I thought your title said "Tying knots in hoses" maybe I should read more than every other word(JK). It sucks that this happened to you. I find it easier to assume that every hose is washable until told otherwise. Depending on the smoke shop, I've find that the people do not know the ins and outs of the pipes they're selling. I'd take it back and ask if they can swap out the hose but this is a slim chance. Its still worth a shot if you're going back to buy tobacco.
hehe, i think you forgot to tie a knot into your advice

in anycase i dont listen to most vendors cause their full of shit and dont know much on hookahs. but a quick test you can do to find out if a hose is washable, take a strong magnet, put it to the hose, if the hose sticks to the magnet it has metal and is no good. if it is uneffected by the magnet then there is no metal in it :P
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