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Default my hookah needs help

This is my first post on the forum, so hello. Ive been browsing for while and this place is amazingly helpful.

So this is my first hookah ive bought, been smoking for a while before, and have used this about 5 times a week for the past month. Its not the greatest at all, but it was cheap and it works alright, but recently I have noticed It doesnt taste all that well. I switched from cheap shisha to roman a while ago and noticed a big difference, but it seems to have gotten worse recently.

I took the hookah completely apart recently, and noticed some rust, I clean it with water after almost every use, so I am thinking that could have been a cause, there is some inisde the ports and the area around them. I tried cleaning with salt, lemon juice and water, and it seemed to take away some of the metalic stink. I also made the mistake of washing the hoses which are now rusted but I am going to mod them with different hoses (as seen on this forum).

Any ideas? I probably should have gotten the mya I wanted.

Here is some pics of the hookah/rust:
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