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Default Re: Shipping from US --> EU

I have ordered from the US before. I got some small packages that came into Holland without any issues.
But recently I purchased a bigger packages which was stopped at customs. In Holland there is no option to pay taxes as a private person and they have a zero policy, which means all my tobacco got destroyed and I received a letter. This time I did not get fined but it was mentioned that there is the option to fine a person for trying to get tobacco in.
If you have a company (KVK nummer = chamber of commerce number) you can order tobacco abroad and get it into the country, but then you have to pay taxes. If you try to get it in the country as a company and it gets stopped you will get fined.

So ordering from the US is difficult when you live in Holland. It is easier to get it from the EU.

If you like you can get some from me (I have some tobacco which I have not come around to smoke).
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