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Default Re: Storing Starbuzz?

Originally Posted by dyeforlyf View Post
what if I took some saran wrap, wrapped it over the top, then put the lid back on to make it airtight?
This is exactly what I was just about to recommend as this is what I used to do.
Now I just store my SB in twist lock ziplock containers.
I hate leaving my shisha in bags too

Originally Posted by Nyxxie View Post
I wouldnt put it directly in the tin because the moisture of the shisha will react wiht the tin and the tin can rust, ruining your shisha. Put it in a ziplock bag and back in the tin. That's what I do!
The only shisha in a tin that made my tin start to rust is Romman Ivory Coast, all my other tin shisha's seemed fine. All in plastic containers now though
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