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Default Re: Motorcycle crash...

Originally Posted by -jordan- View Post
Yeah, I feel like my riding days are over.. It's so easy to get hurt.... But the thrill can't be topped! Aw well... Moving on to safer hobbies I suppose.
I am relieved to hear you were not seriously injured but what you are dealing with is bad enough and I hope get better soon. As to riding well, you really need to spend a lot effort to drive defensively which something that few youngsters do. Outside of wearing a helmet you should invest a good set of leathers (one piece is ideal), knee and elbow pads and a spine protector. I've been riding for a lota years at this point and i've avoided plenty of accidents and came out of those I couldn't have avoided thanks to protective gear.

Bottom line is to not give up riding.

Anyway, best not bother with smoke rings when you need to heal up. I can say you'll enjoy smoking all the more when you haven't done so for a while. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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