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Default A good starting point.

Hey everyone!,

Hopefully this is the right place to put a question like this. (I've read all the guidelines and this seems like it'd be the spot!)

I'm no hookah pro, I've smoked hookah a few times in little cafes or friends houses, and decided that it'd be a fun item to have around the house!

Recently I've been shopping around online to find a good starter hookah, and have been thoroughly trying to scrounge up as much research as I can on where I can find the right pipe at the best price.

After a little browsing, I stumbled upon this website ( and was quite interested in the 28' acrylic package.

But it seems that that particular seller has a 'spotty' reputation, and I really don't want to start off my hookah experience with being swindled.

Can anyone recommend a good hookah/shisha/etc combo that I should start with? And where I can find it?

I've been to tons of sites, and I'm not sure where to start. I've read the vendor reviews, and those have been some help.

I'm thinking that acrylic is the way to go (to avoid accidents,) and I'm hoping to spend less or just about $100 US.

Thanks so much for your time, and any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!


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