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Default Re: Motorcycle crash...

I rode a ninja 250. Little baby bike, to get me around town. Here in Tucson a lot of the roads aren't in the greatest condition... So I was taking a turn going about... 35 40 mph? Not really fast... Bike went over, I was pinned underneath it.. As it went over that's when my head slammed into the pavement.. Drug me underneath it for about... 15 ft probably.. The bike is pretty messed up.. Front plastics are busted to pieces.. Handlebars are twisted funky, and off kilter to the front tire.. FORTUNATLY, I was wearing a full face helmet, gloves, leather jacket with armor and spine protector, and my Dad's combat boots.. If it weren't for those things I'd have really horrible road rash.. Although a few rocks were imbedded in my knee... But, I just pulled those out, and they're scabbed over now.. Anyhow, my right boot took most of the weight of the bike, otherwise my leg would be pretty mangled.. yeah.. Thanks for the good wishes, you ALL rock.
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